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Washtober 2020 Challenge

I decided to participate in a watercolor painting-a-day challenge in October 2020. It was organized by Liron Yankonsky and called “Washtober 2020”. For those not into watercolor painting, a “wash” is basically a layer of transparent watercolor paint. A painting is typically made by layering these washes. Read more

Connecting Shapes in Watercolor - Maui Lifeguard Station
watercolor  maui 

I have been trying to get more of a “loose” feel with my watercolor paintings. I think the technique of connecting large shapes based on a value study is finally clicking with me. Read more

Tiny Beach Sunset, Watercolor Practice Surprise
watercolor  beach  sunset  practice 

I decided to just do a few minutes of watercolor practice playing with combining Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Yellow Ochre. I notice lots of uses for combining these to generate interesting neutralized colors. Read more

Tractor in Field Watercolor Attempt One
watercolor  tractor 

I took a photo of a tractor parked at the edge of a field across the road from our house. I decided to try and paint a small study of it. Read more